Homosexuality, The Bible, and The United Methodist Church

This week Bishop Martin McLee of the New York Annual Conferences of the United Methodist Church announced that he was dismissing a churc… read more

A Letter From the President

I received the note above from the President this morning thanking me for preaching at the National Prayer Service and including a word … read more

Sermon Video of 2013 Inaugural National Prayer Service

I know many of you are interested in watching the video of the sermon I delivered on Tuesday during the Inaugural National Prayer Servic… read more

Lessons from Moses: 2013 Inaugural Prayer Service Sermon

Today I was honored to deliver the sermon at the National Prayer Service following yesterday's Inauguration. I'll write more later about… read more

Preaching for the President's Inauguration

I received a call a couple of weeks ago from a White House staffer inviting me to preach the National Prayer Service that is a part of t… read more

Put God Back in Public Schools?

One reaction to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School has been a call to “put God back in the schools.”  I even h… read more

No, Everything Doesn't Happen for a Reason

“Everything happens for a reason,” he said as he reflected upon the terrible events that had occurred in Newtown, Connecticu… read more

The Price of Ending the Charitable Deduction

I’ve been following with interest the conversations in Washington about the fiscal cliff and the debate about how to raise revenue… read more

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