The Trivialization of Sex

Churches don’t often spend a lot of time reminding people of the beauty and importance of sexual intimacy. Conversely, society ten… read more

The Meaning and Mission of Marriage

Not long ago I spoke to a young couple in our congregation who told me they wanted to move in together but weren’t interested in g… read more

LOVE TO STAY Is on Pinterest

Today I’m excited to share with you a few graphics highlighting thoughts from my new book, Love to Stay, and to introduce you to a… read more

My New Book, LOVE TO STAY, Has Just Been Released

Last year I shared a series of sermons entitled, “Love, Sex and Marriage.” It saw record attendance and many reported t… read more

What If I Missed God’s Will?

(I regularly receive and respond to questions from readers or parishioners.  It struck me this week as I was responding to several … read more

Accepting God's Mercy

In the last few blog posts, we’ve looked at repentance and forgiveness. Today, I want to focus on accepting God’s mercy.Amon… read more

The Beauty of Grace Extended

In the last post, we looked at authentic apologies that truly exhibit repentance. So what happens when others express an authentic … read more

Authentic Repentance

In a post earlier this month, we examined the art of apologizing and recognized that many times we don’t apologize well. What… read more

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