God's Love for Sinners and Drunkards

As I look back over my life, the best parts all have something to do with the love of God. My choice to follow God has made me a better … read more

God’s Violence in the Old Testament, Part 3: Possible Solutions

This post is a continuation of my previous two posts. Together they are an excerpt from one chapter of my new book, Making Sense of the … read more

God’s Violence in the Old Testament, Part 2: Possible Solutions

In my last post, I mentioned three categories of violence attributed to God in the Old Testament that leave people scratching their head… read more

God’s Violence in the Old Testament: The Problem

Among the questions I’m most often asked about the Bible is this one: “Why does God seem so loving in the New Testament but … read more

Visiting Wesley's England

As I prepare for tomorrow's webinar on my upcoming book, Revival, I wanted to share with you some special photos from my travels last ye… read more

A Faith Uniting Head and Heart

One of the defining marks of John Wesley’s own faith and of the eighteenth-century Methodist revival was that it involved not only… read more

Travel Photos From Greece and Turkey

I have just returned from a trip retracing Paul's journeys. Our team flew 6,200 miles to get to Perge, Turkey, where we began filming. W… read more

John Wesley for a Divisive World

In one of his most famous sermons, “Catholic Spirit,” John Wesley wrote, “Though we can’t think alike, may we no… read more

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