Visiting Wesley's England

As I prepare for tomorrow's webinar on my upcoming book, Revival, I wanted to share with you some special photos from my travels last ye… read more

A Faith Uniting Head and Heart

One of the defining marks of John Wesley’s own faith and of the eighteenth-century Methodist revival was that it involved not only… read more

Travel Photos From Greece and Turkey

I have just returned from a trip retracing Paul's journeys. Our team flew 6,200 miles to get to Perge, Turkey, where we began filming. W… read more

John Wesley for a Divisive World

In one of his most famous sermons, “Catholic Spirit,” John Wesley wrote, “Though we can’t think alike, may we no… read more

Who Really Wrote Paul's Letters?

I’m currently in Turkey, Greece, and Italy retracing the footsteps of the Apostle Paul.  I thought this was a great occasion … read more

A Response to Rob Renfroe's Open Letter

Yesterday Rob Renfroe, a United Methodist pastor and the president of Good News, sent me a letter (found here) with a critique of the do… read more

A Way Forward for a United Methodism?

Over the last couple of months, a group of 80 United Methodist pastors have been meeting by conference call to discuss their response to… read more

Join Me Online Wednesday as Book Tour Begins

I'm excited to let you know that I'll be speaking this Wednesday evening, April 23, at Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington, D.… read more

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